Between earth and sky. Etolia, gifted with the river Achelous, which was worshipped as a god by our ancestors during ancient times, is a blessed land. Our land is full of true stories that intertwine with myths, allowing reason to blur its limitations in the realm of the imagination.

The ancient Etolians’ efforts to tame the rushing waters of the river Achelous, mythologized as the greatest river god, for agricultural use, gave birth to numerous, exquisite stories.The best-known tale of them all is the one depicting the fight between the river Achelous and Hercules, for the hand of Deianira. During the battle, despite the continuous magical transformations of the river, Hercules managed to cut off the right horn of Achelous while he was transformed into a bull and earn the victory.

The defeated god gave him the horn of Amalthea, a symbol of abundance and prosperity. The myth reflects the continuous efforts of the ancient Etolians to tame the surge of the river to water their fertile land (The Horn of Amalthea), by damming the river with great projects that changed its flow (which symbolizes the constant transformations of the river).In this blessed land, which continues till today to gift us with its best fruits, of which the olive is the leading, you can find our olive grove. Located in Milos Sellou, 7 kilometers away from the city of Agrinio, we grow the olives that provide us with Etolea.

Etolea, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The seed for Etolea fell on fertile land. Our land. Land that has been cultivated with love and toil. Our soil has nurtured for centuries one of the biggest assets of Greece, the olive tree.

Etolea, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our olive grove, a small piece of heaven in the Etolian countryside, was initially a dream to escape from the urban routine.

Etolea Olive Oil

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Our land is located in
"Milos Sellou" a distance of 7km
from the city of Agrinio.

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